Daniel van Dalen his journey.

Daniel van Dalen a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur born in The Netherlands, raised in Europe and China and currently living in Hong Kong.

Daniel’s journey is quite different than most. He started studying marketing and design in Amsterdam but soon realised the lessons weren’t relevant to what was being sold on the market, and so his quest for self-learning began at the tender age of 16. Seeing an opening in the market, Daniel turned his attention to computer science after identifying this as the missing link between the technical and design functions.

This dynamic entrepreneur is a builder, educator, and creator focussing on new technology, bridging the cultural shift in generations, and breaking down linguistic barriers.

Driven by a curiosity for learning about different cultures, Daniel moved to China at the age of 18 where he studied Mandarin at an American private school in Guilin, China, paying for his education by taking on freelance assignments in industries such as e-commerce, SaaS, Branding. These projects turned into longer-term contracts which allowed Daniel to set up his first business in Hong Kong in 2018.

Solving problems or feeding market demands with design and technology are what Daniel likes doing most. His diverse skill set allows him to identify these problems and needs and tailor the perfect solution using technology, design and strong brand communication (marketing).

Previously, While working as a freelancer, Daniel noticed himself and big corporates struggle with receiving proper packaging-design briefings. With the knowledge of symbols, barcodes, warning phrases, translations & many more details, Daniel developed Pabel — is a proprietary SaaS platform developed by Daniel that uses machine learning following an algorithm to guide large corporates through the packaging briefing process, automatically generating the briefing, Barcodes, nutrition labels and providing symbols in a workable design format, resulting in structure and streamlining the packaging design process.