Dutch 老倖 β€” futurist that is building, educating, creating, and investing in the new generation and latest technologies

Daniel van Dalen (also known as Daniel Dalen) is a multi-disciplinary designer born in The Netherlands, raised in Europe and China, and currently based in Hong Kong, but frequently in China, Dubai, the US & The Netherlands.

Leading teams in digital product design and development, brand identity, and marketing, Daniel has partnered with several Fortune 500 brands developing proprietary design technology platforms. His clients included Alibaba, Li & Fung Group, and AS Watson Group.

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Web3, Community building, Automation, Culture, The new generation, (Co)-Founding companies, Digital assets (tokens), Product design, UX/UI & Branding, Marketing, Business strategy, Storytelling, China and its development, Coding, Public speaking.

$SYAxFlooz β€” Humanzing Crypto β€” experimenting in one of the newest industries in the world.

With an amazing team, we team launched a cryptocurrency on the Binance smart chain through a custom onboarding user experience exploring the web3 space with big success attracting ten thousand plus investors/users, which later led to the launch of flooz.trade, a layered solution interacting with liquidity providers automating things such as gas fees and slippage based on buying/selling pressure, with the goal to humanize crypto.

Pabel β€” Streamlining corporates packaging briefing process using software.

A SaaS using machine learning following an algorithm to guide corporate size companies through the packaging briefing process, automatically generating the briefing, Barcodes, nutrition labels and providing symbols in a workable design format, resulting in structure and streamlining the packaging design process.